What Your Enneagram Says About Your Style

The Enneagram is used to define prominent personality traits and identify which tendencies are most typical for you. It can be seen as nine generalized personality types, however, we all have overlapping characteristics that might lead us to identify with other qualities and attributes. At Jackie, we recognize that personality assessments are not for everyone, however, we believe deeply in the power and structure of the Enneagram as well as it's reflection on your own personal style. We know that not everybody will relate perfectly to their type; but remember, everybody has overlapping traits and characteristics. Nobody fits into only one category. Now is your chance. Delve into what sets you apart and use it to your benefit as you challenge your personal styling preferences!


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What Does Your Type Say About Your Style?

1. The Reformer

You are rational and idealistic. You exercise intense self control and have perfectionist tendencies. You have a strong moral compass and can easily decipher right from wrong. You are organized and maintain high standards. You are constantly striving to better yourself and see improvement, no matter how small. 

Your Style

You have it all together. Your everyday look is crisp, clean and wrinkle free. You are constantly looking to improve upon your style and finding new ways to challenge what you know already works for you. You value your appearance and maintain high standards of dress. 

Jackie's Challenge

Try to leave your perfectionism at the door and go for a more laid back look this spring. Try incorporating some athleisure into your weekly rotation and let things feel a bit more relaxed. Ditch the loafers and try a pair of leather slide on sneakers to take on the town. In order to keep reforming and improving upon your look, push your comfort zone and try something that lets you breathe easy. 

2. The Helper

You are caring and compassionate. You have a heart for others with your generous and kind nature. You are emphatic and have an incredibly warm heart. The drawback of being a 2 is the occasional tendency to forget your own needs in attempt to put others as the highest priority. Two's have a deep desire to feel loved and appreciated; a beautiful gift!

Your Style

Two's can go a few different directions. Some have an excellent handle on their personal style. They know what flatters their figure, but they don't waste time thinking about themselves or their next wardrobe move. Other two's may work in such a realm of caring for others that their personal style has yet to be discovered. Either way, you don't spend excessive time on things like shopping or curating the perfect look. 

Jackie's Challenge

Go treat yourself! You are such a generous soul and you deserve a little glitter, gold and something shiny and new in your closet. Push the limits of comfortability by getting out there and splurging on something that makes you feel stunning!

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3. The Achiever

You are success oriented and driven by your goals. You are ambitious and energetic. You are often competitive and can fall into a pattern of caring deeply about how others perceive you. You are ambitious, charming and people are drawn to your go getter attitude! 

Your Style

You know what you want in life and in your wardrobe. You often wear pieces that you know work for your body type. Why branch out when you've got a good system going? You are the queen of rocking basics and have your accessory collection organized to perfection. Maybe you find yourself searching out new trends to keep up with the hype and to always be on top of your game. Achievers let their competitive nature mold and shape their wardrobe as well as their daily goals.

Jackie's Challenge

Reach for some statement pieces! It's a beautiful thing to know exactly what works for you, but having statement pieces on hand to add a little umph to your look is a trick you'll want to keep in your back pocket next time you want to step up your style game.   

4. The Individualist

You are sensitive and highly creative. You are self aware and often reserved. You love to surround yourself with beauty. You constantly want to better yourself through the lessons you learn and experiences you have. 

Your Style

Fours have a very good picture in their head about what they consider beautiful; about what they want to flaunt on a day to day basis. Their predisposition to surround themselves with beauty translates perfectly to their wardrobe. They love to demonstrate what sets them apart, what makes them stand out. 

Jackie's Challenge

This may seem counter intuitive, but next time you shop or chat with your Jackie stylist about what you want in your next box, reach for some basics! Chances are, you have a wardrobe full of statement pieces. You have floral blouses, bold printed dresses and beaded clutches from wall to ceiling. Give these pieces a break and try something a bit more muted. You might just love the results. 

5. The Investigator

You are perceptive, innovative and curious. You are independent and inventive. You have an active and vivid imagination that pairs beautifully with your ability to see the world in new and exciting ways. You are always seeking out new aveneus of getting things done.

Your Style

Your independence and innovative nature make you very aware of your own personal style. You seek out opportunities to make bold statements that exhibit your independence. Perhaps on occasion you fall into patterns of not placing a large emphasis on your style, as you are too focused on things other than yourself. 

Jackie's Challenge

Go on a mission to find pieces that pair with your individual sense of style. Tune into your longing for independence and let that guide your styling choices. Let your imagination run wild and have fun with this challenge. Try bold prints, patterns and styles that make you feel fierce and fabulous. 


6. The Loyalist

You are committed, engaging and responsible.  You are reliable, hardworking and trustworthy. People come to you for your expertise and wisdom. You strive to feel secure in your relationships and supported by others. You avoid feelings of insecurity and worry; rather, you are motivated by stability. 

Your Style

You may be more reserved in your styling preferences; not knowing exactly what makes you look and feel your best. You are very focused on your relationships with others and shy away from feelings of insecurity. As a result, you might make safe wardrobe choices. You don't worry extensively about what you wear and how you wear it. Your effort, attention and energy goes toward feeling safe and secure in your bonds with others. 

Jackie's Challenge

Maybe you love athleisure. Maybe you reach for basics day in and day out. You aren't the kind of girl that loves to be the center of attention. At Jackie, we want you to reach for something bold that brings the attention to you, even if only for a few moments. Although uncomfortable at first, you deserve to wear something that makes you feel absolutely stunning! Refuse to hide behind others. Get out there and rock something bold and beautiful!

7. The Enthusiast

You are busy, fun-loving and spontaneous. You are extraverted and seek adventure around every corner. You are full of life and see the best in every situation. Occasionally, you may become so full of ideas and energy that you lose focus, becoming scattered and distracted. More often than not, you are goal oriented and your zest for life sets you apart from the rest. 

Your Style

Your style is the definition of eclectic. You wear your passion for adventure on your sleeve. You aren't afraid to make bold statements or wear pieces that draw attention to your unique styling preferences. 

Jackie's Challenge

Try using the Third Piece Rule. Analyze your look. Do you have two staple elements and one bold piece? Always look for two excellent basics and one pop of color to tie your look together. This allows you to demonstrate your enthusiasm for styling without overdoing it. 

8. The Challenger

You exude self-confidence. You are decisive, willful and have no issue with confrontation. Bottom line, you are bold in every sense of the word. Maybe others have told you that upon first meeting they were intimidated by your confidence and direct nature. You are full of life and seek to inspire and uplift others. 

Your Style

You are constantly seeking to improve upon your personal style and add pieces to your wardrobe that can keep up with your lifestyle and mood. You love taking fashion risks and making pieces work that others might not give a second look. You are the queen of accessorizing (if you need a few tips, click here), Others look to you for fashion inspiration because trust us, you've got it going on!

Jackie's Challenge

Challenge your style in a way that might be uncomfortable for you. For example, if you love dressing up for every occasion, channel your passion for making statements toward a completely new style. Try embracing a chic street style look and pick up a bold pair of sneakers that allow you to exercise your passion for all things fashion without wearing heels to the grocery store. Never stop challenging your style. You possess a rare skill that will keep you on trend no matter the season. 


9. The Peacemaker

You are easygoing, reassuring, and agreeable. You are stable and optimistic. Your quiet, accepting nature consistently draws others in, putting you in a position of counsel and support. You always strive to create harmony and keep the peace. 

Your Style

Nine's are the epitome of selflessness. They do not like to draw attention to themselves, rather they use every opportunity to put the needs of others above their own. Your style is not flashy. You are not concerned with making bold statements or wearing excessive pieces that draw the attention to you. You keep things simple, clean and minimalistic. 

Jackie's Challenge

We want to challenge you to splurge on yourself. You deserve something special! Whether that is a new pair of Schutz heels in your next Jackie box, or a brand new handbag that you've been drooling over but telling yourself you don't need. It is okay to spoil yourself every once in a while and draw attention to the beautiful woman that you are!

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